A B O U T | M I L T O N S

Behind Miltons:
Miltons is a love for dogs and a dream for creating! We are a Texas based company dedicated to designing well-made products for pups!
We know pups are family and should be treated as such; attention to detail is something we pride ourselves on. This high standard involvement translates into the impeccability of each product we make and the way its packaged. 
What we offer:
The best experience, from hand-making your bandana to shipping around the globe. Bandanas that are designed, packed, and shipped by a real team (of two!). 
We offer crowd favorites and wild cards.
Who are we:
Vivian and Benjamin, co-founders and crazy dog lovers.
Where are we going:
Our business is constantly evolving to make our mission a reality. New prints, new partnerships, and new platforms. Make sure to follow the journey @shopmiltons
xx, Vivian and Benjamin